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Reasons Why You Should Choose Canada As Your Northern Lights Holiday Destination


Experience jaw-dropping northern lights appearance in Yellowknife, the capital of Canada's Northwest Territories. Yellowknife is geographically located within the auroral zone where the frequency of the northern lights' appearance is high. The nights are fairly and generally clear in Yellowknife making it one of the best places to view the aurora borealis. It's quite amazing how statistics prove that tourists who booked three successive nights for northern lights' viewing have had a success rate of 95% over the past half a decade.

Good thing to know is there are viewing facilities located strategically beyond the reach of the blinding city lights or from any man-made illumination which facilitate the best vista of the northern lights for tourists. A huge boost of the quality of colors has been reported by witnesses who have gone to these viewing facilities to view the aurora. Flashes of colorful lights in a seemingly curtain-like formation vividly swirl and twist across the skies into marvelous coronas. The aurora borealis is formed when the solar wind from the sun is attracted by the magnetic fields of the North and South Poles. When gases in the Earth's atmosphere collide with the solar wind (or charged particles), photons are produced thus explaining the luminous colors in the skies. The impact of the northern lights on viewers will apparently distort the sense of distance as viewers reportedly claim they could reach out to the skies and touch the colors even if the aurora is occurring from 100-500 kilometers above the Earth's surface. That's how magical and enchanting the sight of an aurora borealis is.

The viewing facilities are mostly made up of tepees, or tents made from animal skins. Series of short lectures are given where tourists can learn about the history of the aurora borealis and the scientific explanation behind its mystery as well as photography tutorials on how to take the best pictures of the aurora. Heated seats are available where you can view the aurora comfortably without getting cold as time passes by. Food and drinks are regularly served. The viewing facilities are specially-designed to provide tourists maximum viewing experience so expect nothing less but the best of Canadian hospitality.

It can also happen that while in the middle of the lecture the aurora will just slowly manifest itself in the skies. This stunning phenomenon is quite unpredictable and no one can really say with absolutely certainly the exact time and day of its appearance.

by: Sandra Najera

Article source: http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Reasons-Why-You-Should-Choose-Canada-As-Your-Northern-Lights-Holiday-Destination/3329302

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